Hunt for the White Rabbit


After November’s legend fest, I had a bit of downtime during Cerberus & Fenrir Showdowns, and some half elixirs to burn. Apparently, Cygames improved the rabbit’s drop rates for the Ch. 29/42 “Sharp Ears” (Erune only) quest, so I decided it was time to finally get my own White Rabbit summon.


Indeed, getting the White Rabbit was a lot less painful than I imagined. All-in-all, I spent approximately 2500 AP and one afternoon to get it via carrot drops, although I know someone in my crew who managed to obtain it in only one hour and about 1000 AP. Your luck may vary.

There’s not much to say. I strongly advise you set your main summon to Belle Sylphid, because the White Rabbit appears as a rare monster invade on the first floor of the “Sharp Ears” free quest, and it can be difficult to find Belle Sylphid support summons nowadays. It’s also a good idea to equip the “Void Blossom” Wonder to further improve the chance of rare monster invades.


What do you do if you don’t have Belle Sylphid? She’s quite easy to obtain from Golonzo Island, the Ch. 25 free quest “Golonzo’s Battles of Old”. Additionally, it’s a good quest to run to obtain Wheat Stalks, which can be traded for up to two half elixirs daily, 20 per month.

gbf-white-rabbit-01 gbf-white-rabbit-03 gbf-white-rabbit-02

This was the team I ran for the “Sharp Ears” quest. I believe a wind team would’ve been preferable (I would’ve been able to use Oliver as the main hand weapon), but at the time my wind pool was highly undeveloped, and I had few wind Erunes.

If the White Rabbit doesn’t invade on the first floor, or it doesn’t drop at least a silver chest, you can retreat right away to try again, although that’s 21 AP flushed down the drain.

The skills I had equipped on my main character were Bounty Hunter IV, Bounty Hunter III, and Double Trouble III.

But yeah. Acquiring the White Rabbit is the least painful it’s ever been, and it’s still a great way to entice people to accept your friend requests/borrow your support summons, even though it’s lost some of its luster due to the Kaguya summon buff. I highly recommend people spend the time to get their own bunny. Of course, don’t forget to get three Moonlight Stones from the Casino (3 million chips total) so you can fully uncap the White Rabbit right away.

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