It’s Been 33, 34 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Events during this period (2016/11/28 ~ 2016/12/14):
“Between Frost and Flame” Story Event
Cerberus & Fenrir Showdown Re-runs

Week 34 Week 33
week-34-stats week-33-stats

• 1 rank gained, 12 new characters.

Weapon Pools

Week 34 Week 33
week-34-dark week-33-dark
week-34-light week-33-light
week-34-fire week-33-fire
week-34-water week-33-water
week-34-earth week-33-earth
week-34-wind week-33-wind

Week 33
Mary (fire R) came from the rupie draw.
• Lots of new characters came from ~35 draws during November’s legend fest: Baotorda (light SR), Deliford (water R), Krugne (wind R), Jessica (earth SR), Noa (light SR), Sutera (wind SR), Drusilla (fire R), and Philosophia (light R).
• I was happy about Sutera and Noa, but the lack of SSR characters was discouraging, especially since character weapon draw rates were up (I also got 10 bronze moons, and 2 silver moons). Unfortunately, the one SSR I did acquire was Siren, a fairly useless summon.

Week 34
Percival (fire SR) was the event character of “Between Frost and Flame”.
Camieux (earth R) came from some sort of “max level weapon draw ticket” that Cygames gave us because… I don’t remember.

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