Quick Thoughts – Fan Favorites Poll #13

Here we go again. My post about the previous poll, Fan Favorites Poll #12, can be found here.

For poll #13, my votes were:

SSR character – Yuisis (wind)
SR character – Sen (fire)
R character – Rosamia (light)
Summon – Kaguya (water)

Even though I have all of the characters I voted for–I don’t have fire Sen, but I do have her Christmas, wind version–I chose them anyway just because I like them. I picked Kaguya for the summon because she’s the best farming leader/support summon. Farming is such a significant portion of the game, moreso than putting up big numbers in raids.

The results:

SSR Characters
• In a huge shocker, Yuisis took the top spot over Vira, the winner of multiple polls (every single one since I started to play the game). The vote wasn’t even that close.
• I can try to guess why Yuisis won. She’s pretty, but also cool. I love her design–she’s not skimpily dressed for a knight, but also not excessively bogged down in armor either. It’s just right. She has a strong, cool personality; but also a cute side (after “breaking bread” with the player’s crew in her fate episode). She’s absolutely hilarious, with her whole yakuza gimmick (localized as mafia in the English translation). If you ever watched a video of her, you probably saw her impressive ~2.45 million charge attack (ougi) in action. Not to mention, her charge attack animation looks so awesome, I never “ougi skip” it. Gamewith’s tier list (9/10), Reddit’s tier list (lol), and VibratingSheep’s tier list all give her generally high placements. And of course, she’s new, and a lot of people don’t have her yet; so there’s the novelty factor. I personally don’t think Yuisis will place in the top three in the next poll, although another top 10 placement is certainly possible.
• Despite coming in second, Vira actually gained a larger percentage of the vote (6.8% this time, 6.7% last time). She’s still incredibly popular, and likely to stay in the top three for the foreseeable future.
• Korwa made a huge jump to get into the top three, up from 3.4% to 5.1%. I don’t know what changed–it’s possible her bump came from the fact that the upcoming Unite and Fight (Guild War) event will have earth enemies, and she’s the best wind character in the game.
• Anthuria, who came in ninth, is the second newcomer to the popularity poll. I find this surprising considering a number of fire characters are more valuable than her–Yuel, Magisa, Clarisse, and arguably Metera. Similar to Yuisis, she’s very pretty, and still relatively new; maybe that’s what people valued more this time around.
• Forte and Juliet fell out of the top 10, while Percival saw a bit of a bump (likely thanks to his 5* last month). It’s weird that Juliet didn’t make the cut. A lot of people don’t like her “pretzel hair”, but her value to light is so great, I think she’s the only truly “core” character for light teams right now.

SR Characters
• And Sen regained her throne. All’s right with the world.
• Erin and Mimlemel made it into the top 10, while Yaia and Jessica dropped out. 0 SR earth characters are in the top 10. Isn’t it sad?

R Characters
• Other than some order shuffling in the last few spots, the results were remarkably consistent with last time’s.

SSR Summons
• To nobody’s surprise, Shiva completely blew away the field. Shiva is not only the savior to fire teams everywhere, his call (active) skill is also absurdly good and borderline overpowered.
• RIP Varuna. With the fall of Fimbul, so went Varuna.

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