Quick Thoughts – “Gripping Freedom” Story Event (Redux)


Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki


Beatrix, a member of the mysterious organization called “Society”, goes missing in cold, snowy lands; home to a group of ruffians known as the Odajumoki Gang. Eustace, another agent, is dispatched to retrieve her. The crew ends up accompanying Eustace on his mission.

This story event was the sequel to “Footprints on Sacred Ground”, and the second one focused on the Society. Frankly, I didn’t care much for it–I didn’t particularly like Beatrix or Eustace, and the event character Skull was obnoxious.


Oddly enough, the most interesting weapon in this event was the Spiked Baseball Bat (SR water sabre) because it deals neutral damage (based on the amount of HP of the main character?) upon activation when equipped as the main weapon for the Swordmaster class. For people who don’t have Dark Jeanne’s sword (Disparia), Dark Lucius’s sword (Purity Blade), or Clarisse (fire SSR); the Spiked Baseball Bat is a must have.

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