Quick Thoughts – “Platinum Sky” Story Event


Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy Wiki


There’s some kind of annual podrace–er, airship race, and the player character just kinda enters the upcoming one on a whim. The four-time winner of the Platinum Sky Cup is Meteon, and he’s the heavy favorite once again, but he’s not without competition: There’s Maddie, some guy who fused himself with his airship; Beatrix and Zeta from the Society; and Sturm and Drang. In the background, there’s the suspicion of collusion and match fixing, which Eustace and Vaseraga are out to investigate.


Platinum Sky was, in a word, fun. Pure, unadulterated fun. This event really distinguished itself by having the best “production values” I’ve seen so far in Granblue Fantasy; with lots of cutscenes, cinematic effects, and animations. It wasn’t melodramatic or complicated, just straight forward action and excitement, and that’s perfectly fine. Its biggest highlight? Racer Djeeta.


It’s also nice that they didn’t bog down the flow of the story with excessive battles–many of the chapters did not contain battles. This stands in contrast to a certain story event re-run, which we’ll talk about in a later post.


Anyway, this event was a lot of fun, and a fantastic way to start off the new year. I would rank it my second favorite story event so far, just after the first Robomi event. Here’s hoping the quality of future story events will match or exceed Platinum Sky’s.


Not only was the story enjoyable, but the loot in this event wasn’t bad either. The SSR weapon was the Compound Bow, an earth unknown bow. While it’s not a replacement to the Swirly Wurst Hammer, it can function as a placeholder until you obtain better earth unknowns, and regardless of that, it’s a fine main hand weapon for the Nighthound class.

Blue Orbit is an interesting summon. It’s essentially a budget version of Grani. The call skill cooldown is a bit longer than usual–12 turns–but it’s worth the cost.


But yeah. Platinum Sky was one of Granblue Fantasy’s best story events, and it kicked off 2017 with a bang. Here’s hoping Cygames keeps up the good work.

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