It’s Been 39, 40 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Events during this period (2017/01/17 ~ 2017/02/04):
“Granblue Shodown” Collaboration Event
January Unite and Fight Event
“Eye of the Storm” Story Event

I didn’t save week 39’s stats nor weapon pool, so here’s just week 40.


• 3 ranks gained, 5 new characters.

Weapon Pools

Week 40 Week 38
week-40-dark week-38-dark
week-40-light week-38-light
week-40-fire week-38-fire
week-40-water week-38-water
week-40-earth week-38-earth
week-40-wind week-38-wind

Several notes to make. One, I changed the leader summon for my dark team from Bahamut to 4* Dark Angel Olivia. Bahamut, even at 0*, is a stronger leader as far as raw damage is concerned. Two, I reduced the Cosmic Axe to make way for a Cosmic Gun. This explains the severe drop in estimated DMG, although it is partly made up for by the Apsaras class’s axe weapon proficiency.

The difference in light’s estimated DMG is almost entirely explained by the Apsaras class as well, since it has spear proficiency.

Week 39 (2017/01/17 ~ 2017/01/24)
• New characters came in the form of Abby (fire SR) and Naoise (light SR), whose character weapons could be pulled from the Unite and Fight drawboxes.

Week 40 (2017/01/25 ~ 2017/02/04)
• I got Jasmine (earth R) from a character weapon draw ticket.
• I picked up Flesselles (fire R), but I don’t remember how. Maybe he came from the rupie draw?
Albert (light SR) was the event character of “Eye of the Storm”.

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