Quick Thoughts – “Footprints on Sacred Ground” Story Event (Redux)


Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki


Johann, some kind of archaeologist (or just a ruins fanatic), asks for the crew to accompany him to some ruins, where they happen to run into Zeta. They also discover that primal beasts that were sealed in the ruins somehow escaped and were wrecking havoc, and so the crew must subjugate them.

This event is notable because it introduced the mysterious organization simply known as ‘Society’ into Granblue Fantasy’s lore, as well as two of its agents: Zeta and Vaseraga. Neither of them are particularly good in the current meta, but Zeta is relatively popular thanks to the fact she’s voiced by Kana Hanazawa. And she’s pretty, I guess.

Beyond that, this event sucked, especially since it followed “Platinum Sky”, which I thought was one of Granblue Fantasy’s best story events. “Footprints on Sacred Ground” felt like a chore to play through because just about every chapter of each episode had battle(s). The later episodes had three-stage battles. None of them were hard, it was just incredibly tedious and boring, and killed the flow of the story. Not that the story itself was particularly interesting or fun.


That said, the Thunder God Spear (normal light spear) was a saving grace to this event. While the spear itself has middling stats (a mere 1850 ATK at level 100), it does have the essential “big boost to ATK” skill, and it’s an acceptable main hand weapon for several classes (e.g. Holy Saber/Spartan, Bishop/Sage, and Valkyrie/Apsaras) if you lack a Gungnir.

The other SSR event weapon was a wind sword. It’s not important because wind has little use for swords. The event summon was trash.

All-in-all, this event stood in stark contrast to “Platinum Sky” and served as a reminder of how far Granblue Fantasy has come since its earlier days.

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