It’s Been 41, 42 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Events during this period (2017/02/05 ~ 2017/02/20):
“Eye of the Storm” Story Event
“Rise of the Beasts” Event Re-run
“Xeno Ifrit Clash” Showdown Event

Week 42 Week 40
week-42-stats week-40-stats

• 4 ranks gained, 1 new character.

Weapon Pools

Week 42 Week 40
week-42-dark week-40-dark
week-42-light week-40-light
week-42-fire week-40-fire
week-42-water week-40-water
week-42-earth week-40-earth
week-42-wind week-40-wind

One step forward, two steps back. I decided to work toward a long-term goal for my earth pool and skip a magna build for a Titan build (Baal Axes/Guns).
I’ve put work into my fire pool in preparation for March’s wind Unite and Fight event.

Week 41 (2017/02/05 ~ 2017/02/12)
• I got Siegfried (earth SSR) from an SSR character weapon ticket, which was retroactively handed out to everyone who had completed pinboard #4.

Week 42 (2017/02/13 ~ 2017/02/20)
• Well, I didn’t get any characters this week.

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