Quick Thoughts – Fan Favorites Poll #14

My post about the previous poll, Fan Favorites Poll #13, can be found here.

For poll #14, my votes were:

SSR character – Yuisis (wind)
SR character – Sen (fire)
R character – Rosamia (light)
Summon – Kaguya (water)

As you can see, I voted for all the same characters/summons as last time.

The results:

SSR characters
Vira regained the top spot, which I expected. Through all the fluctuation of the SSR results, Vira remains a rare constant.
• I’m surprised Yuisis landed in the top three. Although her percentage of votes captured dropped from last time, she still had an impressive second place finish. Some characters’ popularity outstrip their usefulness (e.g. Cagliostro), and frankly speaking Yuisis looks like one of them.
• I thought Percival and Anthuria would have an uptick in votes due to the upcoming Wind Unite and Fight event this month, but their vote percentage was about the same as last time’s.
Cagliostro fell out of the top 10, and Beatrix stole her spot. Beatrix has had the spotlight a lot lately, and her fire iterations are very powerful (but both of them are seasonal limiteds). Cagliostro… needs help.

SR characters
• Although Sen and Cucouroux took the top two spots again, their vote percentage lead over the field shrunk a lot.
• The power of sweaters, man. The SR version of Herja burst on the scene to come in fifth. Come to think of it, why didn’t I vote for her? She’s the SR character I want the most right now.
Mina also made her debut on the list.
Feather punched his way back into the top 10, thanks to his recent 5*.
• Erin, Noa, and Ferry fell out. Poor Erin, her stay lasted for only one poll.

R characters
• A couple characters traded places, but no new characters entered the top 10. That’s three polls in a row with the same top 10 R characters; I’m impressed by its consistency.

SSR summons
• Surprisingly, Varuna made it back in, while Odin dropped out. Water is still in an unfortunate place compared to the other elements, so I wonder why Varuna became more desirable.

The interesting thing about this time’s fan favorites poll was that the top three of each element in each category affected boosted daily rates. For example, March 4’s boosted rates were to Percival, Anthuria, Yuel, Sen, Cucouroux, Sutera, Camieux, Ippatsu, Anna, Shiva, Athena, and Agni. I think this was a very good idea–the old method of boosting draw votes only to the top 3 of each category produced mostly the same results every time. This new way, characters like Izmir, Silva, and Yodarha (the top three voted water SSR characters) benefited from the fan favorites poll despite none of them cracking the overall top 10. In other words, I feel like the poll results are more meaningful under this new system.

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4 Responses to Quick Thoughts – Fan Favorites Poll #14

  1. deltazechs says:

    Yuisis’s kit set in battle looks really interesting. The only drawback seems to be that she will die easily while in Starslayer mode and may require another member to draw aggro.


    • freudianeu says:

      Oh, yeah. I’m a bit harsh on Yuisis; she’s clearly good. She’s my starred character after all…

      On paper, Yuisis’s ability to play offensively or defensively sounds good, and her squishyness can be mitigated in various ways (e.g. Cosmic BAL Rifle provides 20% defense to balanced characters). The problem I have is that specialized characters are typically better. Nezahualpilli (AKA Birdman) is a better attacker than her, and Gawain is better for defense.

      For January’s Unite and Fight event (Guild War), I initially ran with a team of Yuisis, Gawain, Korwa for soloing stuff; but soon found that it was much faster to replace Yuisis with Birdman. And my optimal team for contributing in Nightmare Lv100 Goliath raids was to play Petra, Gawain, Korwa.

      There was a wind player in my crew who spent January’s surprise ticket on Yuisis, and was intent on using her whenever they could; but even they eventually dropped her to the back row to run Lecia, Gawain, Korwa instead. Ultimately, none of the wind players in my crew kept Yuisis on the frontlines of their wind teams.

      When it came to soloing Titan raids during Celestial Beasts, once again Petra, Gawain, Korwa proved to be the best team composition for me.

      In practice, it’s hard to find a good home for Yuisis.


      • deltazechs says:

        If I plan to invest in the current Birthday surprise ticket, would you recommend for me to get Gawain or Petra?

        My “Wind” team thus far is incomplete, as I had been generally tackling whatever game content I could overcome so far with my Korwa, Arisa (event) and SSR Rackham (yup I know he is fire, because he is the only other SSR unit I could rely on). I just got my first SSR Tiamat weapon and had been populating my grid with SR Tiamat weapons until I could replace them with better and higher version (in other words, just been going slow and steady with building my omega grid). I wanted go for Yuisis initially, but maybe with the status of my setup so far it would be really sub-optimal?


        • freudianeu says:

          Hm. Gawain is undeniably valuable, and he’s pretty much core for situations outside of quickly blasting easy stuff, or MVP racing. It helps that he has great synergy with limited Lecia. But I don’t know if I would recommend ticketing him.

          Likewise, I don’t know if I would recommend ticketing Petra. She’s very good, but mainly because she can protect characters stronger than her. When she’s the strongest character in your team, well, she feels rather average.

          If you’re really interested in Yuisis, feel free to ticket her. My main lament is that specialized characters do better than her, but when you don’t have other options, her flexibility could be quite valuable. I think her ability to hit crazy numbers with her Starslayer Mode charge attack could be pretty useful for the stage you’re at.


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