My Second Eternals Character: Seox (Six)

I’m not even sure it’s worth mentioning since it was almost three months ago, but anyway:

Back in November, I planned to get Tien (Esser) for my second Eternals (Guild War weapon) character mainly because 1) none of the other characters particularly interested me 2) I was frustrated by how weak I felt playing dark 3) I liked how she looked.

In early December, I had all the materials ready, but a seed of doubt had been planted. After I’d watched a number of videos, I couldn’t help but notice that Seox (Six) looked incredibly strong, that he built up attack power more quickly than I had thought. Even though I didn’t manage to acquire Summer Zooey, it seemed to me that I could still be relevant in raids if I had Seox.

I made an informal poll and asked my crew whether I should recruit Seox or Tien, and they voted for Seox by an overwhelming margin. Thus, I changed direction and got Seox instead.

Looking back now, I don’t regret the decision. He’s been extremely useful on most of my dark teams, with Grand Order raids the only real exception since there are too many AoE attacks. Bahamut Impossible (HL), Apollo HL, and Rose Queen HL are some of the raids where he shines brightest. Although he lacks team utility, the fact that he helps destroy stuff before stuff can destroy you is more than enough.

And the recent reveal of his 5* form. Let me just say I cannot wait for it; it sounds positively insane because he gains new tools to avoid taking damage.

Third Eternals Character?

The recent reveal of the upcoming 5* for the GW characters puts me at a crossroads because a lot of them seem like they’ll be overpowered. As such, I’m conflicted about what character to pursue next.

Niyon (Nio) is probably the top candidate at the moment. I had already been leaning in her direction after her first skill was recently buffed from Sleep to a new status effect called “Comatose”, but felt hesitation over acquiring the Bahamut weapons that cover the harvin race. Her proposed 5* sounds all kinds of insane, with stronger team buffs on her second skill, and a fourth skill that makes Ferry look obsolete. She currently outclasses Korwa in shorter content, and after her 5* the gap will only widen.

Threo (Sarasa), however, also interests me greatly because earth has suddenly become a relevant element to me, which I’ll explain in another post soon enough. She has great synergy with Baal Axe/Titan builds, which is what I’m working on, and her proposed 5* has massive burst potential in short-to-mid content.

Tien remains on my radar, but I guess I won’t be getting her for a long time unless I get super lucky and a gold bar drops from Bahamut HL or something. It’s a bit of a shame because I had everything lined up for her, and now she’s at the back of the line. Several people in my crew got Tien recently, and I can’t help but wonder if my drop luck would be better with her on my teams. Oh well.

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9 Responses to My Second Eternals Character: Seox (Six)

  1. deltazechs says:

    All this talk about Guild War characters is definitely getting me pumped up for the upcoming Guild War event. Since I am still pretty early in-game (and power-wise), Guild War character recruitment is definitely a very far-off goal in the distant future. But it did get me thinking on what decent Guild War weapon that will really reinforce my weapon pool. I am still working on my wind grid, and since I favor Dark Fencer, it probably means I am looking at either a dagger or saber weapon. If I head down that path, that really equates to either Feower or Seofon. To be honest, I am more interested in getting Niyon long-term, but her requirement is the Harp. Hmm, do you think it’s okay to develop a Guild War weapon solely based on its status as a weapon, like maybe focus on creating a GW Wind Dagger first and then focus on Harp next event for future recruitment?

    My second concern comes from reading the requirements needed for acquiring Valor Badges. I understand that amassing Valor Badges is one of the very few ways to actually collect Sunlight Stones, which are needed for uncapping SSR summons. It seems to me that unless you and your Guild can get into Finals, you are pretty much locked out of the 90% available Valor Badges. What are your thoughts on this? Are Sunlight Stones really not that important for someone at my stage and are really intended for people at late-game status? (Sorry if my post is so long; this is rather interesting discussion 😀 )


    • freudianeu says:

      With regards to your first question, I would say that getting a GW dagger should be a high priority. It’s an excellent main hand weapon for Dark Fencer, Hermit/Warlock, and Hawkeye/Bandit Tycoon; three popular classes.

      Acquiring a GW character involves eight steps (nine the first time), and you only need to do the first two steps to have a wind GW dagger. That is to say, you aren’t obligated to go all the way and acquire Feower/Quatre in the process. People mainly get GW weapons for their status as weapons, particularly the dagger and harp. So it’s perfectly fine to get the GW dagger first, then a GW harp later.

      I will point out that Seofon (Siete) is a popular GW character for wind players, so if you’re committed to wind, you’ll probably end up getting a GW sword eventually. But people usually use it as a main hand weapon for the Holy Saber or Weapon Master class, rather than for Dark Fencer.

      Secondly, well, Valor Badges (for Sunlight Stones) are always important, unless you have the cash (and luck) to pull SSR summon duplicates from the Premium Draw. They aren’t essential to newer-to-intermediate players, but having 3* or 4* SSR summons confer a lot of advantages: Better stats, good auras (leader skills), and/or good call (active) skills. They make life easier in harder content, or help you stay competitive with other players in raids.

      From my understanding, there are more opportunities to earn Valor Badges than before. Starting with the next GW, I believe they’re implementing a kind of consolation finals for crews that placed highly, but not high enough for finals. It’s like the NIT to the Big Dance, if that analogy makes sense to you. It also doesn’t reward as many Valor Badges, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

      Also, even if your crew doesn’t place well enough to pass prelims, it can still earn a number of “tournament credits” depending on the rank, which carry over from GW to GW. When a crew has accumulated 10 tournament credits, it automatically gets one pass into finals. That was how my crew got into finals for the first time, via tournament credits. Since then, we became strong enough to qualify the normal way.


  2. Ordepenori says:

    You crew look like nice. Sorry for my bad english. GW is coming and I am one 96 ( no wanting to go 101 for long time) llost in the sea of “fuck you, no drops” and “nothing that good in mil 10 draws” “mistakes for god”.
    Decided to finally run fire like crazy and forget about others elements. Tired of so many mistakes.

    My grid is weak, just 3 canes wiht no uncap, skill 5
    Zhuque 100. Athena sword (0) skill 3 Colossus Blade (3) skill 3.Bahamut Nova Dagger (3), skill 4. Brionac (0) skill 3. Yggdrasil blade (3) skill 10 (no other good fire weapon). Cosmic Lance Spec (gained from my fist Grand)..

    Have one Agnis 0* and +1 uncap Sethlans. Athena 0. Colossus 3.

    My team. Yuel. Zeta. Clarisse. Dante. Lucius. Have: Sen, Cucouroux
    Esti dmg: 14455. Vs Wind: 18068.

    You think is better for me gw dagger or enter the long road to get Tien?

    Don’t have international card to get Percival or Magisa, just 214 crystals too. Sorry about long text.


    • deltazechs says:

      When you say you don’t have internation card…are you referring to not being able to use your credit card for foreign transaction when trying to purchase the surprise ticket? If that is your intention, there are ways around that. Just buy a Japanese itunes card from playasia digitally, and redeem it in itunes Japanese account. Then purchase from iphone’s Granblue Fantasy normally. (Again, I am assuming you are talking about trying to get Percival or Magisa through surprise ticket, if not, please ignore my comment).


      • Ordepenori says:

        Yeah and no. Normal card of my country dont support “$” transitions. Can’t get one to buy things for now. Sad. And thanks for helping me, deltazechs.


    • freudianeu says:

      Sorry to hear, it sounds like you’ve been unlucky. It can be very frustrating when you go through long periods of bad luck. When that happens, all you can do is collect renown (silver) pendants and trade them in for two SSR magna weapons per month.

      Tien is not a magic band-aid. She has the same effect on drop-rate (+5%) as using SSR Oliver (any version), and pales in comparison to Bounty (Treasure Hunt) level 9 (+50%). The platinum Journey Drops boost to item drop rates (+10%) is twice as strong as having Tien, and borrowing a Kaguya summon provides +25%/20%.

      Getting a GW dagger will have a much more noticeable effect, in my opinion. I think that working on your grid, and being able to beat difficult content more easily, should be a higher priority.


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