At the beginning of the month, Granblue Fantasy (GBF) handed out a week of one free 10 Premium Draw per day; 70 free rolls total. Up to forty of those rolls could be done during the Premium Gala (Legend Festival).

To say the least, I had the most insane lucky streak with the free draws, the likes of which I will probably never see again. All told, I received an improbable 11 SSRs, which amounts to 15.7% of the rolls (the expected SSR draw rate is 6% during Legfest, and 3% outside of it). I got at least one SSR in every single 10 draw.

Day 1 (2017 February 28)

It started innocuously enough with a Siren summon. I remember I was upset when I saw it; it was the second time I drew a Siren summon, and it felt like my SSR luck was being wasted on a garbage summon*.

*Siren is bad because it has so-so stats at level 100 so it’s not a good ‘stat stick’; a very poor aura (leader skill); and although Charm is a good skill, a number of characters are capable of inflicting it (not to mention Superstars in raids) so it’s not that important.

I took solace in the fact that I got Erin (water SR), a pretty ice elf.

Day 2 (2017 March 1)

This day netted Aletheia (earth SSR), nicknamed “Gandalf” for his appearance. He’s notable for the fact that his voice actor died in early 2015, so it seems unlikely he will receive a 5* form. It’s a shame because he’s an old character who could use buffs to be more relevant to the meta.

Day 3 (2017 March 2)

The day things started to get out of hand. I got Sara (earth SSR) and Hallessena (earth SSR), two of earth’s best SSR characters. I was very surprised, but stoked. Hallessena is particularly useful because Tezcatlipoca (“Tez” or “Tezcat” for short), currently earth’s best elemental summon, has a race restriction condition, and she happens to be a very good candidate for filling the Draph role. Eventually, I’d like to have Threo (Sarasa) in that spot instead, but until I’ve recruited her, Halle is a good stop-gap measure.

Karteira (wind R) is a notable character to me because she’s voiced by Ai Nonaka, my favorite Japanese voice actress, so I was very happy to get her too.

Day 4 (2017 March 3)

The final day of legfest, and it felt surreal when I pulled Limited Eugen (earth SSR)–yet another earth SSR, and a top-tier one to boot. Not only that, I got a Gandal–er, Aletheia dupe.

Day 5 (2017 March 4)

This day had fire rate up. I’m not convinced Heles (fire SSR) is worth the 8.5/10 rating she has on Gamewith, but I was still happy to get her because she’s only my third fire SSR, and she’s pretty. However, I’m thrilled with Fire Sutera (fire SR). She has fantastic team utility and decent pop for an SR character. I always wanted this version more than her wind one, which I had.

I did the draws with the Japanese language option selected for, er, superstitious reasons (someone in the crew got a good draw when they changed the language setting to Japanese). Looks like it worked!

Day 6 (2017 March 5)

This day had rate ups to water characters and summons, and I decided to defer the free 10 draw until the Premium Draw changed to earth rate up.

Day 7 (2017 March 6)

…What can I even say? Sure, I had just rolled Aletheia twice, Sara, and Eugen during legfest; why not Ayer (earth SSR) as well? With this, I had collected every single top-tier earth human character within a week.

The final 10 draw. I figured there was no way I would get an SSR with every single free 10 draw. After I clicked on the blue button, an SR crystal appeared on screen so it looked like the streak would be broken. But two rainbow crystals were hidden behind it. It was a Cagliostro dupe, and Nemone (earth SSR). A fitting conclusion. I always kinda wanted her because I like her design and goofy personality, even though she’s not very good for higher level content.


In 70 draws, I received:

• 11 SSRs in total
• 2 SSR summons (Siren, Satan)
• 9 SSR character weapons (7 new characters, 2 dupes)
• 8 SSR character weapons were for earth characters (Aletheia x 2, Sara, Hallessena, Limited Eugen, Ayer, Cagliostro, Nemone)
• 3 SR characters (Erin, Fire Sutera, Lamretta)
• 2 R characters (Karteira, Feather)
• 4 bronze moons, 1 silver moon, and 2 gold moons

It goes without saying, but being handed a near complete earth team caught me completely off guard. Earth is an element that I may have put as high as third on my list of priorities in the past (after dark and light), but in recent times had slipped to fifth, only above water.

At the beginning of 2017, I had only one earth SSR character, Eustace. But now I have eight, more than any other element (next highest is dark at six SSR characters). As a result, I’m quite interested in playing earth, and am motivated to work hard on my earth pool, although it has a very long road ahead. I don’t know where I’d put earth at the moment, but possibly as high as second place.

So yeah. Those free draws ended up being amazing for me. Thanks RNGesus.

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7 Responses to Earthfest

  1. deltazechs says:

    Wow, there really is something, congrats 😀
    My haul wasn’t nearly as impressive as yours, as I only got 2 SSR out of those free rolls: SSR Rackham and SSR Heles. I really wanted Wind units as I am developing my wind grid, but Rackham did carry me through most of the early game stuff while most of my wind team were still SR characters, so even being off-element, I guess I couldn’t complain.


    • freudianeu says:

      Not bad, sounds like you got something to work with for fire. SSR Rackam is no longer a joke; if anything, it’s pretty nice when at least one person in a raid brings him along.


  2. Andy Pang says:

    Woah, Granblue really wants you to play Earth. xD
    For me, it was water, I got a 2 water SSRs, 3 water SRs and 2 water carbuncles in my free rolls. 😛


  3. Ordepenori says:

    Earth rng love you. Good draws.


  4. Nobody Special says:

    This… is… crazy! How could you draw almost every good SSR Earth has to offer in 7 days? That does it, I’m changing my language to Japanese!


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