Quick Thoughts: Eternals (Guild War Characters) 5*

You gotta hand it to Cygames. They sure know how to kill hype.

But yeah. They revealed the 5* forms to the Eternals (Guild War characters) a bit over a week ago, and it generated a lot of buzz thanks to the beautiful/cool artwork, considerably buffed skills, and the addition of monstrous 4th skills (which unfortunately can’t be used until 10 turns have passed).

They finally let people know the steps/material requirements three days ago. People had braced themselves for something bad, but I don’t think any of us expected it to be that bad.

To use Seox (Six) as an example:

• You have to collect 40 silver fist shards. These drop from the Dominion Core, which appears from a Nightmare version of the Angel Halo raid. These Nightmare quests appear approximately once every 20 runs of Angel Halo. There is an unknown chance for the Dominion Core to actually drop the shard or not. If we assume the shard drops 50% of the time, that would give an estimate of 16,000 AP (40 [shards] x 10 [Angel Halo AP] x 20 [runs until NM appears] x 2 [divided by 50% shard drop rate]) to collect all 40 shards. And this is during 1/2 AP special quest promotions.
• Collect 300 of each attribute’s quartz. Not that bad in the grand scheme of things, but it’s tough for the general player to collect that much quartz since they also need them to 4* uncap many weapons.
• Fully upgrade a second Six-Ruin Fist (going through all eight steps), then reduce both that Fist and the one you used to recruit Six in the first place.
• Use a gold brick, 10 Damascus crystals, 10 Silver Centrum, and other items to craft a special weapon… which you reduce to obtain a “Weapon Soul”.
• Fight (as Six) against the nine other Eternals, then a special tenth battle. You have to start over if you fail any of the battles.
• Other things I omitted since they aren’t quite as bad as the above.

To sum it up, you need to use at least two gold bricks for the 5* uncap of a GW character. And you will no longer have the original GW weapon you used to recruit that character since you have to reduce it (this hits people pursuing Niyon/Nio 5* and Feower/Quatre 5* particularly hard).

Two gold bricks is no trivial matter. The odds of one dropping from a raid or quest is astronomically low, so the only viable way to obtain them is via trading for them from the shop (of which there is a limited supply), or with 450 Valor Badges in the Unite and Fight event. The latter is not an option to most players because the 275 Valor Badge Sunlight Stone pack is more desirable.

Put another way, you can choose to 5* a GW character, or recruit two other GW characters instead. Many players would like to have 4~5 GW characters, including myself, so 5* uncapping a GW character is beyond our grasp for an extremely long time. Even then, I can’t see myself ever getting more than one GW character to 5* since it’s a pretty troublesome process.

This whole thing has me bummed. Even if you gave me a year, I doubt I could 5* a GW character in that time. And although the 5* buffs are very nice for each character, I don’t think they’re good enough for me to justify spending the effort. Given this information, I’ve decided that I’ll just get Tien (Esser) for my third GW character and then stay put.

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3 Responses to Quick Thoughts: Eternals (Guild War Characters) 5*

  1. deltazechs says:

    That ludicrous reveal had me shocked as well. With the current Guild War drawing to a close, I now have a pretty good gauge on our crew’s performance and estimating our future chances at getting into finals. Which is to say, we still have a long way to go in terms of power level — and that’s okay, because having fun with people you like to play with is more important to me than making “get a Sunlight Stone package” task a do-or-die thing. It will take a couple Guild Wars before I can even get one package (heck, that goes for the GW weapon as well, since I just don’t grind that religiously), but that’s fine since there are many other aspects of the game I can pursue at the meantime to get stronger in other areas.

    After the dagger, I am planning on getting the axe so I can acquire Threo in the future. On a sidenote, having Minami Takayama to voice her just causes…..all kinds of unintended (confusing?) hilarity for me. See, I grew up with the show Detective Conan, and if you can guess who just also happens to voice the titular influential character……well, damn, it’s really going to mess with my head once she starts talking whenever she is on my team XD

    In regards to the process of getting a GW character, I was fully prepared for that. To me, that’s like getting the endgame achievement trophy or something. I can accept its tedious-ness and difficulty given that these units are free and are meant to be late-game goals.

    But man, these 5 star uncap requirements just killed any of my budding intention to try and accomplish that after getting my GW character. For the same amount of resources, there are just way more logical and effective ways to strengthen your battle effectiveness (like actually using those material for MLB weapons instead, for example). I don’t know if this is some kind of indication on KMR’s direction o the game after HRT is gone now, but his offhand comment on “they are possibly considering more upgrades for GW characters in the future” only serves to raise my eyebrows.

    Speaking of which, how is your Guild War going?


    • freudianeu says:

      Yeah, the problem with the 5* GW character uncap process is that it’s clearly designed for the very late-game players who don’t have much else to do, for instance people past rank 175.

      But for most people, it’s such a massive investment of time and resources that it’s very hard to justify. After all, GBF is a game where, for the most part, having a good weapon pool is more important than the value of any single character.

      Guild War… well… my crew went 3-2 in league A. We had easy opponents in the first three rounds who didn’t put up any fight, a superseed in the fourth round (therefore a guaranteed loss), and an evenly matched crew in the final round. Several people including myself fought our hearts out. We built a relatively big lead on them, but they made a very strong push in the final two hours and won at the buzzer, the only time they were in the lead. Had my crew managed to do a single more NM100 raid before time ran out, we would’ve won.

      The thing that stings most is knowing there were a few people in the crew who could’ve helped in the final round, yet they chose not to. A single person would have made all the difference.

      It was incredibly disappointing, and now I’m dead tired, but I think we’ll recover from it. It’s an experience.


  2. Rincas says:

    Thanks a lot for this post! For some reason it was more digestible to me than the Wiki’s version. Helped me make a more clear decision about not aiming for a 5* GW character for now.

    Now to figure out what other GW weapon to go for instead…


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