Quick Thoughts – “L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G.” Story Event (Redux)

Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki

And now something a little more topical.

Lowain and his inseparable friends Elsam and Tomoi are hanging in a bar, just chilling and shooting the breeze on standby while waiting for the rest of the crew to return. They fantasize about being in odd situations with the various women they’re interested in.

This was one of the strangest and goofiest story events, as the trio imagines bizarre scenarios such as: attending Albion Academy together with Katalina and Farrah (and Vira), eloping with Freesia, and dating a primal beast.

There’s no real story to speak of, but it was pretty funny.


Like many story event re-runs, there wasn’t a whole lot of value to this besides the customary 3 Damascus crystals that can be traded for.

The event weapon Bewitching Bouquet (SSR normal fire sword) is a decent placeholder in fire weapon pools and a usable main hand weapon, but sword main hands are rarely needed for fire, and better farmable normal weapons exist. Perhaps its best use is as an amusing weapon skin.

When I started to play Granblue Fantasy (GBF), Lady Katapillar was a fairly common fire support summon (the event originally ran in March 2016), and I actually wanted her back then. She still has value as a leader summon to novice/intermediate players if you manage to get her to 3*, but eventually will be replaced by SSR Colossus Omega/Magna. Unfortunately, she’s no longer of much use in a support summon role because nowadays better fire elemental summons are quite plentiful–Athena, the rare but not entirely uncommon Shiva, and Sethlans.

All-in-all, a story event with little practical value, but it was entertaining while it lasted, and at least for me the raids/quests are super easy so I can take it easy.

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2 Responses to Quick Thoughts – “L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G.” Story Event (Redux)

  1. deltazechs says:

    After getting the Bahamut Dagger Nova from the ending event of “Why is Sky Blue” particularly for free, I saw that SSR weapon Bewitching Bouquet from this event and found my first pefect SSR fodder for feeding my dagger skill 😀

    After that, I grabbed the Damascus Crystals and called it a day. Very enjoyable event though. While Granblue Fantasy’s main story is servicable, I had always thought that comedy and character skits/interactions had always been its stronger suit.

    But you know what re-run I really want to see? After seeing other players running around with the Lord of Vermillion outfits….man, I really want that outfit for Djeeta (I started this game this year, so I missed that train). But I don’t know if it will ever get a rerun, especially after hearing that it was associated with an event that got turned into a disaster…(Defense Order, was that what they called it?) Any thoughts?


    • freudianeu says:

      I wrote briefly about Defend Order once, while going over the colossal failure that was the Arcarum event. The Lord of Vermillion outfit is definitely one of the best (especially in place of Dark Fencer), but I don’t know how they’d bring that back.

      I doubt they’ll ever re-run D.O. as it was before. They were asking people to devote 30 minutes at a time on a random schedule for fairly mediocre rewards, and when too many people participated, you could feel the lag and hiccups everywhere else.

      Maybe they could re-do Lord of the Vermillion as a minor tie-in event in the vein of Taito x Granblue Fantasy or TCG x Granblue Fantasy.


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