Quick Thoughts – “Eye of the Storm” Story Event

Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki.


This story event delves into Albert’s past, and why he now travels with the player’s crew. He was leader of the Sky Knights of Levin, and a favorite of the king. But Yurius, one of Albert’s men and someone Albert considered a friend, was deeply jealous of him. One day Yurius was possessed by a primal beast, slayed the king, and disappeared. Since then, Albert has been searching for him.

Lately, Albert’s sword has been glowing, and he suspects Yurius is not far away. Mina, the vice leader of the Sky Knights and the one in charge in Albert’s absence, also surprisingly shows up to inform Albert that he must return to Levin because it’s on the brink of destruction. The confrontation between Yurius and Albert is close at hand.

As the first new story event since Platinum Sky, this one was far more on the serious side. I didn’t particularly care for it, but a number of people in my crew were excited because it featured Aoi Yuuki as the voice of the three Levin sisters–serious Mina, ditzy blonde, and spunky pink hair (I can never remember the name of the other two sisters because the English translation changed all the sisters’ names and confused me). The blonde seems to be particularly popular for some reason.

Also, if C92 rolls around and there happens to be a lot of tentacle themed Granblue Fantasy doujinshi comics, I think we can thank this event for the inspiration.


This was a good event on the loot front. For starters, the event character Albert (light SR) is really good. He has guaranteed double attack or better and a Delay/Slow skill like his SSR counterpart, but has a self ATK and critical rate buff skill instead of being able to charge up his nukes at the cost of a turn. The funny thing is, the self buff is a better skill, and SR Albert is balance type, which has much better synergy with other light characters. Besides weaker stats and lower charge attack damage, it’s arguable that SR Albert is superior to SSR Albert.

The event weapon Blade of the Sourged (SSR unknown dark sword) is quite good. It’s a serviceable unknown weapon with decent stats, and a very solid option for people who didn’t manage to get Second Star (AKA the Tales katana) during the Tales collab in June 2016. Highly recommended for dark players that have one or no dark unknown weapons, since two unknowns is standard in many dark builds (e.g. mixed Axe-Fist Celeste, double Bahamut, Dark Odin, Dark Angel Olivia).

Levin Sisters is similar to Dragon Knights. It has three different call skills, and one is picked at random. They’re a bit more situational than Dragon Knights in my opinion, but they’re all right for light players.

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