It’s Been 45, 46, 47 Weeks of Granblue Fantasy

Events during this period (2017/03/07 ~ 2017/03/26):
“What Makes the Sky Blue” Story Event
“Xeno Vohu Manah Clash” Showdown Event
March Unite and Fight Event
“L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G.” Story Event Re-run

Week 47 Week 44

• 4 ranks gained, 7 new characters.

Weapon Pools

Week 47 Week 44

Somehow, my fire pool is now my second strongest weapon pool (when fighting against wind). Estimated DMG values are misleading because the SR Sword of Michael isn’t factored in. I’m finally making some kind of effort to have a water pool, and the foundation to my earth pool is now complete.

The Past Few Weeks
Ayer (earth SSR), Lamretta (earth SR), and Nemone (earth SSR) came from the last day of the free 10 draw.
• I bought and used the third anniversary ticket on Juliet (light SSR).
Tyre (wind SR) came from one of the 3rd anniversary SR/SSR tickets that were handed out for a week.
• I got Anna (fire R) with a character weapon ticket that came as part of the Unite and Fight 275-Valor Badge pack.
• Finally, Lowain (water SR) was the event character to “L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G.”.

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