Quick Thoughts – “Big Bad Shadow” April Fool’s Special Event

Event summary on the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki.

Yeah, uh, for April Fool’s we got a pretty interesting, unexpected event that lasted for just the day.

Somehow, Vyrn from “Grand Blues”–a Granblue Fantasy comic strip that apparently takes place in an alternate universe–managed to enter the ‘real’ Granblue Fantasy world, and decides to take over it. It’s up to the crew; with the help of Grand Blues’ universe Katalina, Jin, and Ferry; to put a stop to macho Vyrn.

This event was a riot. It was over-the-top, ridiculous, and silly; but a whole lot of fun. I particularly like the goofy Vyrn sung version of 黒銀の翼 (Dark Silver Wings), with somewhat modified lyrics:

The event rewards were purely cosmetic (character outfits for Katalina, Jin, and Ferry), so there was no real harm if people missed the event, but I made sure to get them since they’re cute.

A very fun, enjoyable event. 10/10

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