It’s Been One Year of Granblue Fantasy

Well, it’s been an entire year (+ four days) since I picked up this game.

About two weeks after I started to play, I instinctively knew I’d be in it for the long haul, but nevertheless it still feels a bit surreal to know it’s been an entire year already.

I’ve accomplished far more than I ever expected to–acquired two Eternals (Guild War characters), hit rank 100, unlocked row four classes, mostly finished my dark grid, soloed all my magna (omega) raids, soloed a limit break summon raid (Apollo), got MVP in a Bahamut HL (Impossible) raid once, soloed Extreme+ Celestial Beast raids (Titan, Neptune, and Zephyrus), and so on.

I still have many goals on the horizon, so I fully expect to still be playing a year from now.

But anyway, here’s to a year of Granblue Fantasy. It has had its ups and downs, but I’ve mostly enjoyed the journey thus far.

• 1 rank gained, 1 new character.

Weapon Pools

Since Last Time
Syr (wind SR) was the free event character of “The Inner Light”.

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2 Responses to It’s Been One Year of Granblue Fantasy

  1. deltazechs says:

    Happy one year anniversary on playing the game, I suppose 😀

    For me, it’s been 49 days since I started and I think you sum up my sentiments pretty nicely — it’s really a journey that can at times test your patience to the limits (no thanks to RNGesus), but when it pays off you really can see the difference. Finally acquired my second tiamat bolt last week and skill leveled them both to level 5 (the rest of the grid are one bahamut dagger and SR weapons)….had a blast with the Rise of Beast event fighting that Earth Tiger boss and finally MVPing Yggdrasil for the first time. All of those contents seemed like impossible daunting tasks some 20 ranks ago, I’m definitely feeling the gradual escalation of my party’s power level.

    My next goal is to grab the last two copies of GW daggers so I can finally start crafting the Wind GW dagger for my main hand. Getting Tiamat Bolts to drop is still very rare for me, so my plan for now is to keep doing Yggdrasil Omega raids to buid my Earth grid, while using the renown to get the rest of my wind grid online.


    • freudianeu says:

      And good luck with your journey. It’s strange since improving a grid feels incremental, but you’ll notice a massive difference between, say, ranks 40 to 80.


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