My Third Eternals Character: Tien (Esser)

I’m not too sure what to say. I farmed everything I needed back during 1/2 AP free quests, so I was able to recruit Esser very quickly after I acquired the four Ten-Wolf Guns I needed from the ongoing Unite and Fight (Guild War AKA GW) event.

It will take several Celestial Beast events before I have enough Gold Nuggets to trade for another Gold Brick, and thus I haven’t put much thought into who I’ll get fourth. Chances are it’ll be Threo (Sarasa), but I’ll wait and see how my earth pool’s progress goes.

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2 Responses to My Third Eternals Character: Tien (Esser)

  1. Gran says:

    Way to go! I’m currently waiting for 1/2 ap myself to finish grinding the mats both for my dagger and Siete’s sword. I am still a bit dubious about my pick since he will be my first juutenshu and perhaps Six would have been better in order to wrap up my dark core. Regardless, i am really excited since it finally feels like things are moving on my side


    • freudianeu says:

      Don’t feel bad about getting Siete–while it’s unlikely I ever will, he’s quite good for short to mid length content and during strike time. A year ago, he was the second-most popular Juutenshu (after Song) so he can’t be too bad.


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