Sparking Part Two

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been playing a lot of Granblue Fantasy this month, and when I play a lot, it’s hard to find time to post to the blog. πŸ˜…

I mentioned near the end of April that I would probably have a “spark”–300 rolls on the premium gacha in a short period of time–saved up by the end of May, but thanks to several days of free 10 draws as part of the Golden Week celebration, as well as some lucky betting during April’s Unite and Fight (Guild War) event, I was able to amass a spark in time for April’s Premium Gala (Legend Fest AKA legfest).

Normally, I would’ve passed on it because Mahira still hadn’t returned to the Premium Draw, and I wasn’t particularly interested in Drang, who debuted in April’s legfest.

However, I was interested in the other newly released character–Dark Cagliostro. Additionally, Summer Zooey was made available in April’s legfest for whatever reason. Those two swayed my decision enough to just go for it.

The video is 24 minutes long and I don’t expect people to sit through it all, so here’s the summary:

In 300 draws (not including the character I sparked at the end), I received
β€’ 26 SSRs in total (8.6% rate; 6% is the expected rate)
β€’ 7 SSR summons (Ca Ong, Varuna, Morrigna, Satyr, Godsworn Alexiel, Setekh, Nacht)
β€’ 19 SSR character weapons (10 new characters, 9 dupes)
β€’ New SSR characters were Romeo, Aliza, Arulumaya, Summer Zooey, Percival, Earth De La Fille, Drang, Agielba, Limited Lecia, and Dark Zeta
β€’ 7 new SR characters (Deliford, Mimlemel, Teena, Mariah, Feather, Cucouroux, and Elmott)
β€’ 3 new R characters (Thelonim, Rosine, Balurga)
β€’ 30 bronze moons, 15 silver moons, and 9 gold moons

To say the least, I’m very happy with the results. Several people in my crew sparked earlier in the day, and one guy got a pitiful 6 SSRs. After I had the string of incredible luck from free draws at the end of February/beginning of March, I expected my luck to normalize. 26 SSRs is far more than I could ever ask for.

It wasn’t just the number, however. I hit my two main objectives–Lecia and Summer Zooey–within 210 rolls. I would’ve stopped there if my crew didn’t egg me on to continue, and I ended up choosing Orchid with my spark at their suggestion.

Earth Encore

The earth love continued with Arulumaya, Earth De La Fille, and the Godsworn Alexiel summon. Talk about a shock when Alexiel showed up! She doesn’t directly benefit my teams since I’m building a Titan grid, but she’s fantastic bait to pick up more friends with Alexiel supports. I’m super happy with Earth De La Fille, who is probably the best earth buffer second to Mahira. Arulumaya has very little damage potential, but she covers three valuable defensive roles (debuff enemy attack, Veil, and Delay/Slow) and she’s been useful to my teams thus far.


Honestly, I can’t complain about the results. I managed to roll Lecia, who I wanted to spark. Almost all the new SSR characters I got will see use on my teams except for Agielba and maybe Dark Zeta (dark is stacked with good attackers). Alexiel is a super desirable summon. But still, on reflection almost half the SSR character weapons I rolled were ones I already had (the gold moons came out in full force in the last ninety rolls), and it would’ve been nice if one of those dupes were Dark Cagliostro instead. Ah well. I’m still super satisfied with how my spark experience turned out!

The Future

I think I’ll save up to spark again in the future. I don’t have a solid goal in mind right now, but I’m thinking about getting Mahira at the end of the year unless a more desirable legfest exclusive character shows up between now and then. It was tough to curb my desire to roll for almost five months, so it should be easier if I give myself seven months and occasionally indulge in the temptation to roll.

Anyway, if you’re in the process of saving for a spark, good luck! I hope the Premium Draw is as nice to you as it was to me.

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13 Responses to Sparking Part Two

  1. deltazechs says:

    Good to hear of your success and luck. I had been saving up for a spark myself….still 10,000 crystals away from one though. Although I am pretty confident that I can amass that before summer is over, with Zooey being my target. My wind grid is set and I am looking toward building a dark grid next (I had also been working on my Earth grid on and off now that I can MVP Yggu Magna easily). I figured that Zooey can still be useful off-element and take advantage of the enmity from Tiamat Bolts while I build up a good Dark grid for her.

    During my 10-free rolls, I was actually hoping for some Earth SSR and maybe spark for Mahira if that happens, but I was given Vania and Cerberus instead. So I guess RNGesus sort of steered my plans in that direction. In terms of building my dark grid, would you recommend shooting for 3 claws and 3 axes for now (for the sake of flexibility)? Obviously if I do get Zooey, claws would be much more benefitual, but the way I understand it, complete claw builds are more made for burst damage and short fights, espcially in a team comp with Zooey?

    Speaking of which, what characters are you using for your main Dark team?


    • freudianeu says:

      Whoa, that’s kinda early to save up for a spark. It’s a smart investment in general, but I feel like it’s pretty tough to go through the early/mid-game without many characters at your selection. Good luck, hope it goes well for you!

      With regards to dark pools, 3 claws and 3 axes is fine. However, it is ideal to have at least four claws if you’re committed to the enmity lifestyle. Claw heavy builds are, of course, most powerful for burst damage in short fights, but they’re also effective in long solos. It’s only really HL raids where Claw builds may suffer because there may be a lot of healers who keep your HP topped out. Personally, I think you should go for 4 Claws + 2 Axes.

      It’s hard to answer your last question because I have a lot of teams for different raids, and very few static characters. My most common setup for relatively short bosses (20 million HP or less) is Elysian, Narmaya, Vira, and Lady Grey. Elysian provides multi-attack buffs, Narmaya is beastly in short battles because of her overdrive assassin (ODA), Vira protects against status ailments with her Veil while also being a solid attacker, and Lady Grey helps cap enemy defense while also providing two good nukes.

      My HL racing team is Bandit Tycoon/Gizoku, Seox/Six, Vira or Orchid, and Korwa. Bandit Tycoon has the most DPS potential because of break assassin (BA) and it can equip the GW dagger, Six is dark’s best attacker as long as he doesn’t get hit, Vira is the same as before, and Korwa provides more multi-attack buffs.

      In general, I use one attacker (Narmaya, Orchid, or Six), Lady Grey if I’m soloing, and a utility character (Vira, Vampy, Halloween Cagliostro, Summer Zooey). That covers all the dark SSR characters I have… except for Dark Zeta, who is a tier below the other attackers, and doesn’t provide enough utility to justify a spot there either.


  2. Gran says:

    That is an amazing spark. I think i’ve done about 120 rolls since when Strum was added, not counting the tickets and free rolls we got during golden week, only to get dark Cag (which im really happy about getting, but get conflicted feelings since I was thinking about getting six this GW and I’m in fact doing it). If only the draw button was not so tempting…


    • freudianeu says:

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s definitely tough to resist the temptation to roll. You need to have a firm goal in my mind–for me, Lecia–to bolster your willpower.


  3. Cruor says:

    I’ve sparked three times and yours was well above average (usually you only get 1 of the super rare summons, you got 2 nvm all the legfest exclusives which are just as rare)! Congrats!


  4. Spark saving 101 says:

    So I know that at end of August new summer limit should come out. I’m also saving up for a spark, I’m only at 16920 crystal. Of course that is not enough, what I want to know is how much of crystal I can obtain from two months? (July-end august). Trying to save for crystal to spend less money for spark lol


    • freudianeu says:

      It’s hard to say, but by examining my old weekly summaries and looking at several four week periods, it looks like I went from 1,852 -> 17,482 (+15,630) crystals from weeks 34 to 38, and 21,762 -> 40,302 (+18,540) crystals from weeks 40 to 44. A conservative guess would be around 12k crystals per month.


  5. isran kamal says:

    i really want lucio since i build light party..
    is it worth it to sparking lucio and collecting 4-6 months of crystals??

    and i just play GBF for around 1.5 months. do you have suggestion for me?


    • freudianeu says:

      Hello! It’s hard for me to say if Lucio is worth sparking since I don’t have him myself, but he definitely seems to be one of light’s strongest characters. If you really enjoy playing light over other elements, then perhaps it’s worth it.
      As for suggestions… Granblue Gaijins seems pretty on top of providing current news and advice to newer players, and the Granblue Fantasy English Wiki is a very good resource in general. I’d also recommend joining a GBF Discord channel; it’s best to learn the game from other players, and also socialize with them.


      • Isran kamal says:

        Yeah, it’s sinply because my luck is in light element.
        Most of good SSR i got is light element
        So i decided to build light element.

        It’s just taking a LOT of time for sparking
        So i just want to make sure that this is worth all the time and hardwork xD

        Yeah, i open Granblue wikia everyday in my browser..
        they covered i think almost everything that any player needs..

        Thanks for your advice though
        I really appreciate it


        • freudianeu says:

          I see. Yeah, saving up a spark takes quite a while, perhaps anywhere between 4~8 months. Although I ended up rolling who I wanted to spark, I’d say it was worth it because I like Lecia both as a character and her utility in battle.
          Anyway, if you’ll head down that path, I wish you luck! It’s tough to have the willpower to not roll during many legfests, but keep your eyes on the goal and you’ll get there eventually.


          • isran kamal says:

            yeah.. it’s hard to resist the temptation to roll..
            never imagined that playing games takes a lot of self-control xD

            my ultimate dream team is consists of ; Lucio, Albert, the handmaids, ferry, and amira
            but Clarisse, Jeanne d’arc, and mikazuki also not bad..
            I like lucio pretty much the same reason as you. like his character as fallen angel and his utility in battle as well.

            anyway thanks for the advice
            really appreciate it…


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