Man, I’ve got a ton of catching up to do.

Water has long been the element I neglected the most, due to a lack of (SSR) characters and the perception that it’s a “fujoshi” element–one that appeals to female otaku with “bishounen” characters (good-looking males).

Water has other issues–it lacks practical enmity builds, which means it is generally not possible to hit the damage cap on auto-attacks. Its strongest elemental summon Bonito comes with a restrictive condition, and its next-best elemental summon full-limit break (FLB) Macula Marius is somewhat uncommon, and only goes up to 80% elemental ATK. Although Varuna builds are still quite good, the Fimbul nerf dealt a huge blow to their damage output.

But anyway, prior to the time that I ended up sparking Orchid, the only water SSR character I had was Lilele.

After the spark, I suddenly had the Varuna summon, and Romeo and Drang, two very good water characters.

Later in the week, the final daily free ten-draw netted me Altair, generally regarded as the most core water character. And thus, I was handed an entire water team–Altair, Drang, Romeo–in just under a week.

While I’d prefer to have more girls on my teams, water is a lot more enjoyable to play now. Between Altair and Drang, I don’t need to bring Miserable Mist, Rain of Arrows III, and Defense Breach/Armor Break. That kind of flexibility can’t be found when playing other elements.

Anyway, it’s funny how being handed a good team can motivate you to work on an element you previously didn’t care about.

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12 Responses to Mini-waterfest

  1. deltazechs says:

    Good to hear how generous the game has been with your rolls 😀

    For myself, I just reached my milestone of acquiring 300 rolls in crystals and tickets yesterday. I am all ready to go when Summer Legfest lands, so that’s the biggest thing I am looking forward to right now

    I have a question regarding weapon grid build. I keep hearing that once you reach HL, some people’s grid will go from 6 magna weapons down to 5. Is this true? In that case, what do people replace that weapon with?

    From how I understand it, you typically run 6 magna weapons, 1 baha weapon and 2 unknowns. With the introduction of Xeno weapons, it’s really likely the Xeno weapons would take up the two typical unknown spots. If you reduce the magna weapon count down to 5, would you usually just put an event unknown weapon in its place?


    • freudianeu says:

      Wow, congrats on saving up 300 rolls! Sounds like you accomplished it quite quickly. Hope those rolls go well!

      With regards to magna + elemental weapon grids, assuming that you’re fighting with the superior element against its weakness, fire and earth are the two that use fewer than six magna weapons.

      Light goes along the line of FLB Chev Swords + FLB Chev Guns (they add up to seven), Huanglong Gauntlet, Bahamut weapon, and main weapon (probably a GW weapon of some sort).

      Dark is two magna Cortanas, four more magna weapons (Celeste Axes or Claws), Bahamut weapon, Kirin Sword, another unknown (e.g. Tales Katana), and GW main weapon (or Kirin Lyre for the Elysian/Drum Master classes).

      Wind runs GW main weapon, 7 Tia guns, 1 Ring of Raphael, and Bahamut weapon. If Raph’s Ring is unnecessary (e.g. against non-elemental enemies like the Pink Creature in the current event), replace it with a Cosmos Gun or perhaps an unknown like the Rose Crystal Knife.

      I’m not too sure about water, but apparently the normal setup is GW main weapon, Wand of Gabriel, 6 Levi daggers, FLB Pinya Dagger (or Rose Crystal Sword), and a Bahamut weapon.

      Fire is GW main weapon, Sword of Michael, 4(!) Colossus Canes, 3 Xeno Ifrit Axes, and a Bahamut weapon. 3 Xeno Ifrit Axes is a lot to ask for, so one can do 5 Colossus Canes and 2 Xeno Ifrit Axes instead, although it’s a slight downgrade.

      Most people choose to play fire Berserker with a Xeno Ifrit Axe main weapon, in which case you could go with something like 2 Xeno Ifrit Axes, 5 Colossus Canes, Sword of Michael, Bahamut weapon, and a Suzaku Katana.

      Lastly, earth goes along the lines of 2 Xeno Vohu Harps (one as main weapon), 5 Ygg Swords, Uriel Fist, Bahamut weapon, and a Byakko Fist.


      • deltazechs says:

        Thanks for the detailed explanation!


        • freudianeu says:

          No problem. Maybe I should take the time to format it into a post, but much of the information is simply borrowed from Kamigame…

          It seems that Cinderella Fantasy Piña Hazard has shook up the formula for wind and water. According to Kamigame, which updated earlier in the day, magna water is now GW main weapon, Wand of Gabriel, 5 Levi daggers, 2 Pinya Daggers, and a Bahamut weapon; while wind should be GW main weapon, 6 Tia guns, 1 Pinya fan, Ring of Raphael, and a Bahamut weapon.

          So it seems that water grids are now down to 5 magna weapons as well.


  2. Ordepenori says:



  3. deltazechs says:

    Haha, so in the end, had a little change in plans on my part. After the recent Magnafest, my Earth grid became the second best element after my Main wind. I also FLB the Sausage Axe, so the grid is definitely in a decent spot right now. Mahira showed up again this legfest aaaaannnd well, I guess you can guess what happened (I really like her voice work and character design….sorry, Summer Zooey, ah, maybe next time?)

    So in the end, the spark went pretty average/okay-ish with a 4.6% rate: 6 SSR Summon and 8 SSR characters.

    New Summons: Bahamut, Thor, Grani, Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, Athena
    Notable New Characters: Magisa, Yuggu, Sarunan, Sturm, Hallessena, Lady Katapillar, Dark Zeta, Chat Noir

    Mahira rounded up by Yuggu and Hallessena was a very nice combination, I most certainly have a functional Earth team now. Having Magisa and Sturm for future investment into fire was a pleasant surprise as well.

    Speaking of which, do you think Yuggu and (Earth) De La Fille play similar roles? Whose kit do you think is better?


    • freudianeu says:

      Oh, wow. Unfortunate SSR rate, but definitely a decent haul.

      Yeah, Mahira, Ygg, and Halle is a pretty viable earth team. The Ygg-Halle combo seems quite synergistic from the videos I’ve watched–Ygg draws aggro and can shield the rest of the team, both nice tools to keep Halle from getting hit.

      Earth is in a pretty strange place now with something of a surplus of buffers. DLF, Yggdrasil, and Cagliostro (after the July rebalance) all kinda play similar roles but with some quirks. If you’re still using/borrowing Tezcat, Yggdrasil is obviously better. If race isn’t an issue, it’s harder to say.
      I think Yggdrasil is generally better because of her second skill, which gives a very high chance of crit to the entire party. As nice as DLF’s buff is, it affects only one party member. Yggdrasil also brings Clarity, and DLF doesn’t. Overall, Yggdrasil seems better offensively, while DLF is better at sustaining a party in long fights. Depending on how much Cagliostro is buffed in July’s rebalance, she may be better than both.


  4. aly says:

    ur hella homo


  5. . says:

    Is this blog dead?


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